Well who am i?

My name is Matt Inglis, in my late 30s which i will deny. Work in the Energy Sector as a full stack developer specialising in interfacing with obsolete computer systems and historians.
Hobbies include Photography, Classic Cars, MotorSport, Computers and Gadgets, and Rugby

What is this place?

Well its my wee corner of the t’interweb, where i hide all my photos of my life, my photography portfolio, code snipets and the trials and tribulations of a classic car owner.

Can i nick your photos?

No, you can at least ask! most of them i usually give away to anyone that asks, although i ask anyone who wants to use the crash photos that they include a thank you to all involved. But send me an email i’ll let you know.

Any questions, just ask matt@mattinglis.com
Matt Inglis


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