Well what a journey the last few years have been!
In 2007 en route to a snowboarding re-union weekend i was driving my heavily modified 1969 Mk3 Triumph Spitfire on the A64 just outside Callander on a damp but sunny afternoon. What happened next has been a blur of nightmares and flashbacks for the past few years.
So what happened? Well there is no definitive answer to that one! The police accident report stated the stopping distance was twice as long as it should have been and suspected diesel on the road.
Enter a naive young driver on semi slick tires and i lost the rear end on a tight compression corner. Too fast? definitely not, i was cruising as i was ahead of time.
But i did end up in a proper “tank slapper” loosing the back end one way then another for over 300m, before eventually loosing it and striking a very solid tree side on at around 40mph!
The impact was just in front of the drivers door hinge pusing the entire bulkhead and door into my legs.
The left hand harness was loose holding my forearm whilst the rest of my arm went forward ripping my elbow appart.
So what do i remember? Pretty much all of it! Waking up in the car with my head resting on a tree with fuel pouring out what used to be carbs was an eye opening sight!
I couldn’t reach the fire extinguisher cause my elbow was shattered. It took a few moments for it to sink in i was in deep shit!
There was one thing left to do scream for help!


Luckily those screams were answered after 20 mins, by a crash accident doctor on holiday!!
It took 3 hours to get me out, in which time i died once through lack of blood!
5 Years of operations later and lots amazing surgeons, nurses, doctors and family members, here i am back to my best and restoring another Triumph Spitfire!
Yes i am nuts!